What we do

Accredited Courses

ETDP Courses

Accredited and recognised.

Train the Trainer

Training is a skill in itself, so through this course, you’ll become a recognised trainer in a fun and creative way while also learning the basics of skills development in South Africa.

Assessor Training

Assessment is an important aspect of learning, as it checks whether learners meet the national standards that have been registered by SAQA.

Moderator Training

This learning programme is aimed at individuals who are or will be involved in internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments.

Positive Communication

This course is designed to help learners demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of the basic components and fundamental skills of communicating effectively.

The ECSA CPD Course

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

This programme is aimed at those who wish to expand their management or supervisory repertoire to include a coach-mentoring approach to invite more ownership and engagement from their teams.

Online Self-Directed Courses

In collaboration with BPG Training.

Design for Influence (Designing slides/visuals for presentations and training).

Remember those death-by-PowerPoint presentations you’ve had to sit through or even perhaps given yourself – the ones where there isn’t a visual in sight but rather slides full of text? Imagine you could deliver your presentations with slides that grab and keep the audiences’ attention.

Write with Confidence @Work

Email and report writing.

Please click below to view the video of the Write with Confidence @Work (email and report writing) course.

Customised Short Courses

Communication Skills

• Business Writing
• Presentation Skills
• The Creative Trainer
• Facilitation Skills (how to facilitate meetings and team events)
• Transactional Analysis
• Emotional Intelligence
• Communication Skills & Conflict Management

Teambuilding Skills

• Appreciative Inquiry
• Building High Performance Teams

Personal Development Skills

• CV Writing
• Interviewing Skills
• Supervisory Skills
• Management Skills
• Managing the effect of COVID19 on our working world
• Time and Stress Management Skills
• Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing

Administration Skills

• Customer Service
• Telephone Skills