Design for Impact

An online visual support programme

Design for Impact
An online visual support programme

Remember those death-by-PowerPoint presentations you’ve had to sit through or even perhaps given yourself – the ones where there isn’t a visual in sight but rather slides full of text?

Imagine you could deliver your presentations with slides that grab and keep the audiences’ attention.

We consume visual information differently now due to rapid changes in technology and the use of smart phones and social media. It is important to understand these changes, so that it can help you to communicate and present your message in a way that captivates your audience.

You will learn

  • The importance of visuals
  • Elements of design
  • The principles of design
  • The overall visual structure
  • Steps for a great structure

Outcomes of the programme

  • Understand the importance of using visuals in your slides.
  • Know the difference between good and bad visuals.
  • Understand how colour and shapes can have an influence on your presentation.
  • Know what typefaces and fonts are best suited for presentations.
  • Understand how balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, alignment and white space can help create high-impact visuals.
  • Know the importance of a cover slide and different ways to present it.
  • Explain why it’s better to create your own slides than use design templates.
  • Understand that there are lots of different ways to present information.
  • List the steps to take to create well designed slides.

Purpose of the programme

  • To help accelerate the design process.
  • To attract and keep the audience attention.
  • To make your presentation visually appealing – this means to add the WOW factor to your presentation.
  • To create visuals that will support and reinforce the main message of your presentation.
  • To make your presentation clear and easy to understand and remember.

The structure of the programme

An online self-study programme that includes

  • Explainer videos to watch
  • A quiz to apply knowledge
  • A summary readsheet to download
  • An assignment to complete


  • a how-to-guide with some advanced features of PowerPoint 2019 to follow
  • PowerPoint slide template and icons for easy access

Fee: self-paces online learning

  • Personal review and written feedback of learner’s assignment
  • E-certificate on completion

R 2 450 per learner (excl. VAT) OR
R 1 490 per learner (excl.VAT) without assignment and personalised feedback.