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Train the Trainer Course

  • “The course absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have a better understanding of why it is rated so highly by my colleagues. There were so many nuggets and eye openers that will stay with me forever.”


  • “Glenda’s training experience came through the entire course. She has a really great way of imparting information – she has patience, paces the discussion really well, and builds bridges among topics.”


  • “I was imagining boring and not very interactive training, but this course was the complete opposite. I learnt so much and was given the opportunity to interact, bring my authentic self into the room, and meet great people.”


  • “It has been an absolute massive learning experience with Glenda. As a trainer, I now have the tools to do my job to the very best of my ability. Excellent course that exceeded my expectations!!”


  • “I learnt so much about training and myself during this course and the preparation for the training I had to conduct. I was so scared that my weakness and frustration with planning and organizing would keep me from being able to complete the assignment, but what I saw as impossible, you made very possible. Thank you for strengthening my passion for teaching and building. This course has allowed me to be open to being taught and built by my peers and those around me.”


Coaching and Mentoring Course

  • “I highly recommend this course.  You learn not only how to deal with and treat others, but about yourself.  The course was the bomb.  I will recommend it to my colleagues.  It is a valuable course teaching practical ways to communicate better so as to improve teamwork.”


  • “Interactive, well presented, appropriate, practical.”


  • “It opens up the mind.  It’s informative and could be implemented in our lives generally. Very useful tools and techniques.  Fantastic engaged approach to facilitating.”


Soft Skills Course (EQ & Transactional Analysis)

  • The subject matter was very enlightening. I learnt more about myself. I enjoyed the course very much.”


  • “It was interactive and focused on EQ and transactional communication which I feel stronger and better for knowing.”


  • “It taught us about our behaviour and how to control our emotions. Now I have learnt more about how to communicate with others.”


  • “Training style was highly interactive – the different techniques one could use to diffuse an argument. Everything was perfect.”


  • “The course can be incorporated within the workplace and at the same time it is helpful on a personal and behavioural level.”


  • “The training was very helpful for me especially in conflict management. I will definitely use this knowledge to handle situations better.”


  • “The facilitator was great. Her enthusiasm & cheerful attitude really helped getting into the work & drew you into the content being delivered.”


  • “The course was very interactive, and the facilitator was very engaging. I acquired communication skills that are very applicable to my everyday life.”


Presentation Skills Course

  • “Learning skills on how to present was great. Getting professional feedback on presentation was also wonderful.”


  • “Every time we learnt about something we then did an activity to see if we can implement what we had just learnt.”


  • “The course was very interactive and there was a lot of practical work to prepare for the big presentation.”


  • “The training helped me to build up on my presentation skills and the feedback was helpful.”


  • “The course made me face my fears and how anxious I become when I have to do public speaking. I got pointers on how to overcome this.”


  • “Interactive, well presented, appropriate, practical.”


  • “It opens up the mind.  It’s informative and could be implemented in our lives generally. Very useful tools and techniques.  Fantastic engaged approach to facilitating.”


Assessor Training Course

  • Glenda prepared us well for what was to come.  We gradually eased into grasping the course.  Glenda is an excellent trainer, explains well and answers all questions.  Overall it was excellent, absolutely outstanding.”


  • “I have learned a lot not only with regards to the course, but also about different people.”


  • “Glenda shared a lot of information with us.  She took the workbook and summed it up.  She made the experience fun and exciting.  A lot of effort was put in to get to know us.”


  • “We were able to hear and learn from the trainer who has been doing this for years, this made the sessions very informative.”


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this experience with Glenda.  Her way of teaching helped me to understand quickly and retain a lot of information.  She made me feel comfortable to ask questions and I appreciated all of her feedback.  She was full of energy, understanding and made the lessons interesting and this made me excited to come to class to learn more everyday.


Moderator Training Course

  • “As our facilitator and assessor you rose above the challenges and helped us to get to the end despite the “new normal”.


  • “Thank you for all your support & patience! I really don’t know how you do it, but you’re so great at what you do. It has been such a pleasure having you as our mentor along this journey.”


Write with Confidence @Work Course

  • The Online course was great. It was easy to understand and very explanatory. Each step was laid out nicely and no overkill of words, pictures, colours etc.  I have definitively changed the way I write.”


  • Overall, this is a fantastic course that is practical, easily applicable to various work scenarios and business roles and would be a great addition to learning. The application opportunity through the skills practice activities are relevant and easy to understand – this is something that suited my learning style perfectly. I also appreciated the level of effort and detail in each example/activity in relation to my role at work and just writing in general. I’m excited to renew my pledge to write with confidence!”


  • The online course was beneficial to me, I was able to identify the areas in which I went wrong, especially in my email writing.  I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.”


  • I would like to thank you Glenda and the BPG team for such a great journey of learning.  I have started applying the skills I learnt into my working environment. I am now confident when writing emails to my manager and colleagues.


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