Moderator Training

Moderator Training


This is a 3-day programme from 8.30am – 4.30pm.

For Who?

This learning programme is aimed at individuals who are or will be involved in internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments.

Entry requirements

Learners must have completed the Assessor course and been found competent against 115753 (Conduct outcomes-based assessment).  It is beneficial is you are registered as an Assessor and have some experience of outcomes-based assessments.

Topics Covered

Module 1: – The purpose of moderation

  • Functions of moderation
  • The focus of moderation
  • Responsibilities of the moderator
  • Essential competencies for moderators
  • Internal and external moderators
  • Differences between assessors and moderators
  • The moderation process

Module 2: – Plan and prepare for moderation

  • The assessment and moderation policy
  • The scope of moderation
  • The context of assessment
  • Moderation systems, methods and instruments
  • Logistical arrangements
  • Planning for moderation

Module 3: – Conduct moderation

  • Moderating the assessment process
  • Moderating the assessment design
  • Moderating the assessment decision
  • Compiling a moderation report

Module 4: – Advise and support assessors

  • Support for the assessors
  • Support for the moderators

Module 5: – Record, report and administer moderation

Module 6: – Review the moderation

Module 7: – Steps in the moderation process

Module 8: – Sample moderation templates