Train the Trainer

(Licence to Train)

Train the Trainer (Licence to Train)


is it so important for us to share what we know with others.  While we all have skills and knowledge in a certain area or subject, we don’t always know to transfer this to someone in a fun way where learning will take place.  Training is a skill in itself, so through this course, you’ll become a recognised trainer in a fun and creative way while also learning the basics of skills development in South Africa.


This is a 5-day programme from 8.30am – 4.30pm if there are between 7-10 learners.

If there are 5-6 learners, it will become a 4-day programme.

For Who?

This skills programme is aimed at individuals who are or will be involved in facilitating learning programmes.  These individuals may include line managers, HR managers, supervisors, coaches and any practitioners involved in teaching, training, educating and facilitating.

Entry requirements

Learners must have a matric or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification before they attend this course, as the course is an NQF Level 5 course that consists of 10 credits.

Benefits to the learner and the company

  • The learner develops a basic knowledge of the new training system in South Africa.
  • It will increase your confidence of standing in front of others.
  • It saves the company time and money to have qualified internal trainers to facilitate courses.
  • If the company pays their SDL levy, a portion of the cost of the training can be claimed back from their SETA.

Topics Covered


  • Contracting with your learners
  • Ice-breakers and energisers
  • Introduction to skills development
  • The principles of training
  • Analysing learner needs (learning styles)
  • Planning your training
  • Using audio-visual aids
  • Practical skills on using the flipchart/whiteboard
  • Drawing up lesson plans


  • Using creative facilitation methods
  • Skills of the trainer
  • Dealing effectively with challenging learners


  • Who, when, where, what, why and how of evaluation
  • Reactionnaires and questionnaires

You will prepare and facilitate a session on the last day, which we will record and provide feedback. The remaining time will be spent on portfolio building